"I am happiest in the space between languages, or in an intercultural setting."

Dr Kate Sotejeff-Wilson


About me

I specialise in research publications for an expert, global, English-speaking audience. I am happiest in the space between languages, or in an intercultural setting. Born in Wales to an English father and a Polish mother, after years in Poland and Germany I moved to Finland in 2012, and taught English at the medical devices company, Mölnlycke. I hold a PhD from University College London, an MA in Polish and history from Glasgow University, and a BTh from the University of Cambridge, focusing on the pastoral theology of end-of-life care and mental health. I love “midwifing” people’s texts into being.

Long-term collaboration bears fruit. In 1999, during my archive research in London, Warsaw and Berlin, I began working with colleagues to translate or edit their non-native English texts. 20 years later, some of us are still working together. The result is numerous articles, PhDs and books published for a growing circle of satisfied clients.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch. If I don’t have the capacity myself, my network of dedicated colleagues can help.

I am a member of the following organisations:

Projects: These are the projects I have enjoyed working on most over the last few years.


Translation from Finnish to English of Esa Kirkkopelto, Logomimesis (2024) Routledge, publication expected spring 2024


Translation from Finnish to English of Isa Kukkapuro, The Blue Door (2023)

English editing of Kirsi Monni, Riikka Laakso & Hanna Järvinen (eds.), Dance Arts – Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Practices Theatre

English editing and translation of Goethe-Institut Finnland, In Our Own Words: BIPOC Perspectives in Children’s Literature (2023)


Translation from Finnish to English of Harri Taskinen, Alvar Aalto: Forms and Stories (2022)

Translation from German to English of Regina Töpfer, Infertility in Early Modern Europe: Premodern Views on Childlessness (Palgrave 2022)


Translation from Finnish into English of Jaana Pesonen, Describing diversity in 21st-century children’s books, Goethe-Institut Finnland


Translation from Finnish of Kimmo Katajala et al., Vyborg: Historic Towns Atlas (Atlas Art 2020)

English language editing of chapters in Ursula Kundert et al., Controversial Poetry 1400-1625 (Brill 2020)

English language editing of Anna Ovaska, Fictions of Madness: Shattering Minds and Worlds in Modernist Finnish Literature (University of Helsinki 2020)

English language editing of Tuuli Lahdesmäki, Aino-Kaisa Koistinen, and Susanne C. Ylönen, Intercultural Dialogue in the European Education Policies: A Conceptual Approach (Palgrave Macmillan 2020)

English language editing of Tuuli Lähdesmäki, Viktorija L.A. Čeginskas, Sigrid Kaasik-Krogerus, Katja Mäkinen and Johanna Turunen, Creating and Governing Cultural Heritage in the European Union (Routledge 2020)


Translation from Polish of Monika Utnik-Strugała and Anna Ładecka, Let’s go to Italy! (Little Gestalten 2019)

English language editing of Pirjo Lyytikäinen et al., Nordic Literature of Decadence (Routledge 2019)

English language editing of Elina Vuola and Helena Kupari, Orthodox Christianity and Gender: Dynamics of Tradition, Culture and Lived Practice (Routledge 2019)

English language editing of Professor Elina Vuola, The Virgin Mary Across Cultures: Devotion among Costa Rican Catholic and Finnish Orthodox Women (Routledge 2019)


English language editing of Professor Jukka Korpela, Slaves from the North: Finns and Karelians in the East European Slave Trade, 900–1600(Brill 2018)

English language editing of Professor Elina Vuola and Hanna Hentinen (eds), Sacred Journeys – Orthodox Processions in Eastern Finland (Kirjapaja 2018)

English language revision of Juha Virta, translated by Päivi Tikkanen, Artistic Research: What is it? Who does it? Why? (Aalto Arts Books, 2018)


Translation from German into English of book chapters for an upcoming book of the European research project, Barbarism: History of a Fundamental European Concept

Explaining the Finnish perspective on Brexit to a British audience in The Tablet

English language editing of Dr Suvi-Maria Saarelainen, Meaningful life with(out) Cancer: Coping Narratives of Emerging Finnish Adults(University of Helsinki)

English language editing of Dr Piotr Kiesiel, The Politics of Space: Symbols in Prussian and Austria-Hungarian Cities (1867-1914) (European University Institute)


Translation from Finnish and English language editing of Professor Kimmo Katajala (ed.), Meanings of an Urban Space: Understanding the historical layers of Vyborg. This was a publication of a Finnish-Russian research project funded by the Academy of Finland.


Translation from German to English of Ecumenism in the 21st Century: Conditions, Theological Foundations, Perspectives (EKD Text 124, Evangelical Church in Germany)


Translation from Polish to English of the Annual Report of the Foundation for Polish Science, presenting the Foundation’s statutory activity and initiatives undertaken in 2014.

English language editing of Dr Heikki Särkkä, Electro-Oxidation Treatment of Pulp and Paper Mill Circulating Waters and Wastewaters (Lappeenranta University of Technology)

English language editing of Dr Ylva Telldahl, Working Animals and Skeletal Lesions: Paleopathology of Cattle and Horse in Iron Age and Medieval Öland, Sweden (Stockholm University)

Editing of Sebastian Moore OSB, The Body of Christ (Darton, Longmann and Todd)  

Article “Sacrifice for the Word: The King James Bible” published in Christ’s College Magazine, Cambridge 2011

Research and translation of the Polish material for Professor Wendy Bracewell (ed.), Orientations: An Anthology of East European Travel Writing, ca. 1550–2000 (CEU Press)

Research for and translation of the Polish chapter of Professor Wendy Bracewell (ed.), A Bibliography of East European Travel Writing on Europe (CEU Press)

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